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Insolvencies in South Africa Q2 2016

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StatsSA recently released their quarterly update on insolvencies in South Africa. Despite GDP trending down for the past two years, insolvencies continue to bounce around pre 2009 levels.


However this year has shown an increase. It is evident that some companies can only hang around in this tight economic environment for so long. It’s time to tighten up those internal controls and look to see what options are available. Protecting your business from bad debt with a credit insurance policy is a simple and effective tool.


If you’d like to know more or discuss your options please contact Marc at or call me on +27 81 720 5133.


All data courtesy of StatsSA. For simplicity I had added their reported insolvencies and liquidations in to a combined number

Insolvencies vs GDP growth 2014-2016

Insolvencies vs GDP growth 2014-2016

Insolvencies vs GDP growth 2000-2016

Insolvencies vs GDP growth 2000-2016

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