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Before and After Service


The most important part of the initial credit insurance process is determining what you need and why you need it. Once this is complete then you can be appropriately advised on the right course of action. If the decision is taken to protect yourself with one of the products, then KPL is here is guide you through that process and provide support with running the policy.

After sales support is extremely important to us and advising on the right internal controls and monitoring procedures goes a long way to reducing your exposure to bad debts. Our response time to queries is less than 24 hours and we prefer to meet regularly face to face.


Introduction & Needs analysis

It’s very important for us to build relationships as early as possible. Through an introductory meeting and a needs analysis we get a view of what your company is about and what it needs. You also get to assess whether we are the right fit for your company.


Proposal forms & comparative quotes

Once we have an understanding of your needs we will gather some basic information in order for the insurers to assess you a potential client. The insurers will send us their quotes and KPL will review before presenting them. At this stage you will accept the most appropriate quote and the policy will be drawn up.


Policy signing and training

When the policy is ready, KPL and the insurer will reivew the policy with you and if no changes are needed, the policy will be signed. After this KPL will train your supoprt staff on the terms of the policy, their repsonsibilties and how to use any online platforms.

Our after sales service can be divided into three parts and when combined together has proved very successful in keeping our clients happy and minimising their debtor’s risk.



We provide ongoing training for any new members of staff and aim to keep our clients informed of any industry news through a monthly newsletter or updates to our blog.



At your request we do a monthly review of your credit limits and overdue debtors. This is an added control so that you don’t miss any of the insurer’s reporting deadlines.
We review policies on an annual basis but if your situation changes we can do this more regularly.



At times, processing claims and applying for credit limit requests can be testing and we are here to smooth the process.
We also make visits to local debtors to get information for your limit requests.





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